Sunday, September 23, 2007

French Drain

We moved into this house in 1988, and immediately noted some back yard drainage problems. The builder quickly responded and fixed the problem, that is until years later when settling and new landscaping caused the problem to return.

Then I decided to build the Chicken Coop and matters got even worse. It wasn't so bad that we were flooding or anything like that but it annoyed us to no end that water would not drain off quickly. Plus, we are in the early stages of expanding our deck by installing flagstone around the front of The Coop. We thought we needed good drainage for that project.
So a few days ago I started digging a French Drain that would hopefully give the rain water a new route to the front street. I finished Phase I today. That includes 70 feet from just off the deck, around the back of the house to the fence where it will eventually go on out to the street. I put in black drainage pipe and covered it with pea gravel.

According to my calculations this will greatly help transfer the water from where we don't want it to where we do want it. Phase II and another 90 feet will take it to the street where a pop-up valve will allow the water to flow directly into the street.
I dug the trench but my Sweetie and our neighbors helped by hauling the gravel and putting it in place. It was hard work and we're all tired and sore, but we're pleased that we accomplished something worthwhile.

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