Sunday, February 18, 2007

Rehab - Diet, Therapy and Exercise

Well, I officially start my Diet, Therapy and Exercise program tomorrow. Three days a week for the next three months I will be going to a Rehab Center where I will check in, have my Blood Pressure and Pulse checked, strap on a heart monitor, warm up and climb aboard a treadmill to get my heart pumping at a desired rate. Half way through the treadmill they will check my BP again, and again when I finish about twenty minutes later.

Then after about a minute I will do the same thing on a reclining bike. I think at this point I will do a cool-down routine and then be directed to one of a number of "consultations" that address everything from stress to diet to attitude.

I pointed out to them that I'm currently in pain and being treated for a sciatica problem that may hinder my performance in rehab but they understand and will try to keep me from doing anything that might make the sciatica worse. Actually, the day they showed me around and let me on the treadmill and reclining bike I felt pretty good.

My Sweetie and I sat through a Diet Consultation last Friday. We understood everything the Dietition was saying but we also know that following a diet to the letter is virtually impossible with us. Cooking is my hobby and eating is a passion with both of us. But we'll make every "reasonable" effort to eat as if our lives depend on it.

The next update should include some positive remarks about my weight, my mood, my overall health and what I plan to do next.

Wish me luck.

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