Tuesday, October 25, 2005

2005 High School Reunion

What a Great time!

Well, the 2005 Harrisonburg High School Reunion is over and everyone has gone back to their homes with enough good memories to hold them until 2010. I know I enjoyed every moment of it.

Our friends, Pam and Tom Morris, came along for the ride and were quickly accepted by everyone we encountered. It didn't take them long to get with the program and you would think they also graduated from HHS by the way they fit in with the crowd. I think they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Judy and I also took them for a tour of the town and Fort Bouregard overlooking the town. Now they can visualize what I've been talking about for the last seven years.

The fun started with an open invitation party at Emmilee and Joe Green's beautiful house overlooking the Ouachita River just north of the Village of Harrisonburg. A beautiful setting for a wonderful party that went well into the night. There must have been 75 or 80 who came, and most brought food: absolutely delicious food. There was also a talented band, some adult beverages and a roaring pit fire to keep us energized and warm. Emmilee and Joe were the perfect hosts. In fact we were their guests for the entire weekend.

The next morning we had a great breakfast and proceeded to the High School where there was a Meet & Greet prior to the actual ceremony. For two hours I talked to people I haven't seen in over forty years. It was great.

As we moved into the gym we were directed to sit with our former classmates. There were classes dating back to the 1930's and some of them were well represented. Our class of 1959 only had twenty graduates but even though a few had died and at least one could not travel due to a broken leg, we still managed to draw a cheerful and vocal group of seven.

James Stone, Wayne Booth, Don Cannaday, Evelyn Meyers Stringer, Leroy "Jr" McMillin, Patricia Booth Kirkland, Emmilee Johnson Green

Class of '59

When the ceremonies were over many of us proceeded up to a classmate's restaurant in Enterprise, Louisiana and feasted on some really good food while listening to a great band. Jim Bowie's Relay Station. The place was packed with former HHS graduates. Then we toured some of the small buildings around the restaurant. They were built to reflect many different themes ranging from an old power boat, a small church, a grist mill, a Veterans memorial, a covered bridge, a school, a service station and other important reminders of the past. The owners, John Ed and Shirley Bartmess are to be commended for their wonderful contribution to the area.

We returned home exhausted but very happy we were there for a memorable event.


EJg said...

What a wonderful description of our reunion and great pictures. We did have a great time remembering old times and lots of laughter to last a long time. We must work on our other classmates and get them there for the next one.

Thank you Jr. for getting this on the net.

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Kathryn said...

Really enjoyed reading about the Reunion and seeing the pictures of my parent's home--beautiful! Thanks for the update!